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Mouse Mats AquaMat

  • Welded mouse mat containing 2 or 3 non-mixing liquids. Creates an everlasting, stress relieving display.
    These promotional mouse mats are available in a selection of standard shapes and supplied with matching coasters if desired.

    An attractive novel mouse mat that will secure a prime spot on your Client's desk displaying your details.

    • Material Type: PVC
    • Size: 235 x 200 x 2mm
    • Print Method: Screenprint or 4 Colour process
    • Minimum order quantity: 100
    • Please contact us for price details.

    Additional Information:
    During welding, air bubbles are trapped inside the mat so that when in use, they give the illusion of an extra liquid. Both liquids and colourings are safe and commonly used in food and cosmetic industries. Due to the nature of the material used a 4 Colour Process print ma need to be used if the under surface print registration is tight or if the print bleeds over the edge. Please Note: We cannot weld metallic colours. Please do not print metallic colours within 15mm of edge.
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