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Giving away promotional pens may seem like an irrelevant idea to some, but it is an extremely effective way of marketing and promoting your company or brand name.

A pen is extremely useful and something that a person keeps with him/her at all times, especially those who need to write a lot. Whenever the receiver uses the pen, especially when needed the most, he will think of the company or event where he got it from, just like a passive form of advertising. In modern day lives, where people do not need to use a pen much and therefore do not generally go and buy one, a pen makes an excellent promotional product.

Most people keep the pen in their shirt pocket where the company logo or name is clearly visible to onlookers and thus makes a brilliant advertising tool.

Having promotional pens is not only highly affordable but also appreciated by most consumers as it will be used immediately, unlike some of the other promotional products such as t-shirts, handbags etc. Besides, the impact that such a product creates on the customer for as long as he continues to use it makes it a highly recommended gift.

Promotional pens can be handed out to people at events, especially if you have a contest where those present will need to fill a form. As most people do not keep a pen with them, it will be greatly appreciated to hand them one when you spot someone trying to find something to write with.

Though these may seem small occurrences, the impact it creates on the customer is often more than what can be achieved by using some of the other promotional products.

It may also generate additional revenue for your business as being reminded of it constantly, a person will remember exactly what your company has to offer. Promotional pens also have other benefits such as affordable and hassle free advertising.

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